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Airstop Sealant Sprint is an adhesive sealing compound for a permanently elastic airtight seal at gaps, joints of building components and butt-joint overlaps in dry lining (with the exception of a swimming pool environment). Used for installation of windows and doors in accordance with the higher Austrian standard of ÖNORM B 5320 and/or DIN 4108-7.

  • High initial adhesive properties of freshly attached foils
  • Adhesion to a broad spectrum (wood, stone, concrete, plaster, various metals)
  • Resistance to freezing to -30°C & workable from -5°C
  • No priming required
  • Separated joints can be re-joined due to the self-adhesive properties
  • No clamping batten needed for installation
  • No dripping
  • Working temperature: from -5°C; Colour: Beige
310 mL - 20 cartridges
600 mL - 20 foil packs


For rain and wind-tight sealing/adhesion of roof membranes at overlaps and joints. Adhesive sealant for sealing nail and staple penetrations in and around the counter-batten. For gluing joints of wood fibreboard, OSB and MDF panels. Working temperature: from + 7°C Tested for resistance to rain by Holzforschung Austria order no.: 301/2003/2 - T/HH

310 mL - 20 cartridges
600 mL - 20 foil packs


To guarantee the air and wind-tightness of a building's shell the membranes or panels used must have a permanent seal at overlaps and joints. AIRSTOP DIMAROLL is a sealant bead that is used in the same way as an adhesive tape. It is used for permanently elastic airtight adhesion of vapour barriers and sealing membranes at joints, connections of construction components and joint overlaps in dry-lining (with the exception of swimming pool areas).

12 mm x 16 m - 8 rolls

AIRSTOP Cleaning Agent for Adhesives🡪

This special cleaner is a product based on natural substances for the effective removal of adhesive residue, remains and marks of rubber, oil, grease, resin, tar, paint, pencil marks, pen and felt-pen ink from surfaces, labels from glass and window frames, etc., and for cleaning industrial machines as used by tradesmen, in window installation, the plastics industry, the tyre industry, construction companies, etc.

  • PH-Neutral
  • Free from CFCs & CHC
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Quick drying of treated surfaces
400 mL - 1 cans

OMEGA N55 Adhesive🡪

For windproof and watertight bonding/sealing of UV-resistant façade membranes as well as the bonding/sealing of Omega UDO-s 330 roof underlay to each other as well as adhering it to concrete, wood and sheet metal.

2 kg - 1 cans
4.5 kg - 1 cans


For homogenous wind and water-tight welding of Omega UDOs 330 roofing Membrane.

1 L - 1 cans

Stamcoll N55 Adhesive🡪

A wind and water-light adhesive for STAMISOL facades and under-roof linings (with cold-welding effect).

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