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Airstop Jointpaste Adhesive🡪

Isocell Airstop Adhesive Paste has great adhesion to a broad spectrum of substrates including: wood, stone, concrete, plaster, various metals, as well as all membranes and foils as used for achieving air and wind-tightness or vapour control (with the exception of a swimming pool environment). It has an impressive resistance to freezing to -30°C and is workable from -5°C. No priming required. Isocell Airstop Adhesive Paste can be adhered to initially after applying. There is no need for clamping battens as with some adhesives. Creates a permanently elastic seal, and can be used as an adhesive to adhere window tapes to block work and other porous substrates. Used for installation of windows and doors in accordance with the higher Austrian standard of ÖNORM B 5320 and/or DIN 4108-7.

  • Free from solvents
  • Particularly good initial adhesion
  • Resistant to freezing to -30°C & workable from -5°C
  • No mechanical pressure need be applied
  • Non-drip
  • Adhesion also possible on absorbent materials
  • Wide spectrum of adhesion (wood, stone, concrete, plaster, various metals)
  • No priming required
  • Permanently elastic & resistant to moisture after curing
600 mL - 20 tubes
310 mL - 20 tubes

UNI Sealant-Adhesive🡪

Uni Adhesive Sealant is a UV-Resistant, permanently elastic hybrid sealant on MS-polymer basis that can be painted over and is neutral-curing. It is suitable for the sealing and gluing of a variety of substances throughout the build, indoors and outdoors, as e.g. Omega Skin Facade Lining, as a glass sealant, for joints at windows, in sanitary facilities and in roof areas as well as for gluing and joint finishing on flooring and skirting (e.g. suitable for tiles, natural stone and wood). Good adhesion to a number of sub-surfaces, particularly glass, sheet metal (e.g. aluminium, copper, zinc), enamel surfaces, wood, concrete, ceramic, stone, plastic. Very poor adhesion to pure plaster.

  • Almost odourless
  • Free from solvents, silicone & isocyanate
  • Permanently elastic joint
  • Can be over painted
  • Water resistant
  • UV-Resistant
  • Joint-filling
  • Resistant to temperatures from -40°C to +100°C
  • Non-foaming
  • Application indoors & outdoors
  • Workable on damp sub-surfaces
  • Non-corrosive to metals
310 mL - 20 cartridges
600 mL - 20 foil packs (Black)
600 mL - 20 foil packs (White)


Airstop Sealant Sprint is an adhesive sealing compound for a permanently elastic airtight seal at gaps, joints of building components and butt-joint overlaps in dry lining (with the exception of a swimming pool environment). Used for installation of windows and doors in accordance with the higher Austrian standard of ÖNORM B 5320 and/or DIN 4108-7.

  • High initial adhesive properties of freshly attached foils
  • Adhesion to a broad spectrum (wood, stone, concrete, plaster, various metals)
  • Resistance to freezing to -30°C & workable from -5°C
  • No priming required
  • Separated joints can be re-joined due to the self-adhesive properties
  • No clamping batten needed for installation
  • No dripping
  • Working temperature: from -5°C; Colour: Beige
310 mL - 20 cartridges
600 mL - 20 foil packs

ISOWINDOW Soft cell foam🡪

Airstop Foam is a specially formulated high density open cell PU foam. Designed primarily for use around window frame openings. Ideal for sealing difficult areas such as pipe penetrations and irregular shaped openings. Sealing of construction details with high movement, while achieving an airtight, rain resistant and permeable seal. Bonds well with all conventional construction materials, such as concrete, brickwork, wood, metal, plastic, rigid PVC, PE, etc.. Resistant to heat, water and numerous other chemicals. Airstop Foam is considerably denser than other non-airtight foams available on the market. Due to the composition of Airstop Foam, better insulating properties are achieved then other PU foams. Around window and door openings, it should ideally be used with Airstop window tapes to achieve professional results and higher performance and air-tightness. Due to its open diffusion cell structure, it can be safely used around timber frames and timber elements, such as rafters.

  • Free from CFCs, HFCs and HCFCs
  • Absorbs 300 times more movement than normal PU-foam
  • Sound and heat insulation
  • For airtight joints
  • Easily cut
  • Vapour permeable
750 mL - 12 cans

OMEGA Liquid Sealing Compound🡪

is a sealant for outdoor use and can be applied by brush. The water-based compound is particularly suitable for creating jointless seals in critical spots in window areas, as a second drainage level below window sills, at penetration points and in the outer wall area against pressureless subsiding water; ideal for temporary seals of solid wood elements at wall openings and end - grain areas. Omega Liquid sealing compound bonds with many surfaces such as wood, concrete, aerated concrete, metal, polyester, wallboard, expanded foam panels (ePs, XPs, PUR). Working temperature: from +5° C

7 kg - 1 cans
25 kg - 1 cans

AIRSTOP Cleaning Agent for Adhesives🡪

This special cleaner is a product based on natural substances for the effective removal of adhesive residue, remains and marks of rubber, oil, grease, resin, tar, paint, pencil marks, pen and felt-pen ink from surfaces, labels from glass and window frames, etc., and for cleaning industrial machines as used by tradesmen, in window installation, the plastics industry, the tyre industry, construction companies, etc.

  • PH-Neutral
  • Free from CFCs & CHC
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Quick drying of treated surfaces
400 mL - 1 cans
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