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Impact sound insulation made of cellular/solid rubber🡪

Reduces contact/impact sound/noise that often arises e.g. in floors, framing (wood/ wood, concrete/wood, concrete/concrete) which also spreads as structure-born noise (noise travelling through structural elements such as timber and metal beams). It is installed without nails or pins, but can be glued into position if required. Stg 45: Cellular rubber Stg 50: Solid rubber

45 mm x 50 m - 3 rolls
50 mm x 50 m - 4 rolls
95 mm x 25 m - 10 rolls

LVD EPDM Cellular Rubber🡪

Absorbs movement in joints and elements. Provides wind seal and thermal insulation. Its outstanding features is its performance as seal even under slight pressure due to its profile and the softness of the cellular rubber.

ST - Sealant of thresholds and wall joints🡪

Sealing with EPDM cellular rubber offers unique advantages. EDPM rubber seals against moisture, cold, warmth, wind and sound, and is water-repellent. Thanks to its closed cells it also has good insulating characteristics and a high resilience and resistance to ageing.

100 mm x 25 m - 10 rolls
150 mm x 25 m - 8 rolls
175 mm x 25 m - 6 rolls
200 mm x 25 m - 6 rolls
250 mm x 20 m - 3 rolls
420 mm x 20 m - 2 rolls
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